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Jun 07 2016

St. George Moving – Summer Moving Guide

There are plenty of reasons for someone to move during the summer. Kids are off from school, people are getting married, graduates are looking into new colleges and jobs, students have seasonal jobs, and homes start selling in the summer months. Not to mention the warmer weather.

These all make summer one of the busiest times of the year for moving companies, as well as the hottest time of the year. Here are a few things you should take into consideration if you’re planning to move with us this summer!

Take advantage of garage sale season.

Warmer weather means people are outside more! Clean out the items you don’t want to move and host a few garage sales. Early weekend mornings are the best times for a sale.

Moving in summer with Crown Moving in southern Utah heat means time for a garage sale


Find the things that need to stay out of the heat.

Some items, like CDs and movies, can warp in extreme heat, especially if they are stuck in a hot moving truck in summer temperatures. Keep these items separate.

Plan your schedule several weeks ahead of time.

Summer is busy for moving companies, so give us a few weeks notice to be sure we can give you the best service possible. The middle of the month and the middle of the week are the best times to schedule movers. Plan some flex time in your schedule just in case life gets a little crazy (which we all know it will).

Plan for your pets.

Pets can get overheated quickly in summer heat, and having them run around is usually counterproductive to the moving process. Plan for them to be comfortable at a friend’s backyard or a local kennel, on the day of the move.

Book the moving company for early morning.

Plan to move early in the morning. The temperature will be cooler and it will give you more flexibility with time for any unplanned emergencies.

Moving in summer with Crown Moving in southern Utah heat means early morning moving


Watch your health.

Make sure you plan to stay hydrated and wear lightweight clothing the day of the move. The heat combined with the stress of moving can cause a lot of health problems. Be sure you’re prepared.

Watch the health of your movers.

Don’t freak out when we have to sit down and take a break. We know you have a schedule, but when it comes to the heat, we have to keep ourselves healthy too. We won’t say no to water bottles and snacks.

Check your air conditioning coming and going.

Remember that the door to your home will be open for several hours as we move everything out of the house. That may drive up your air conditioning costs. You may also want to make sure that air conditioning is set to go in your new home.


Above all, make sure that your family and your belongings are safe as you move this summer. There are plenty of things to keep in mind during a summer move, but here at Crown Moving, we can help make it a little easier for you.

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