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Oct 31 2016

What kind of Office Moving Services does Crown Moving Offer?

Are you wondering what all Crown Moving can do for you before, during and after your house or office move? There is more to a moving job than just taking some boxes from one location to another. There is packing and unpacking, coordination and logistics, as well as how to handle specialty items such as pianos or especially valuable, bulky or irreplaceable pieces.

Oftentimes, homeowners or business owners can feel overwhelmed by how much stuff they actually have when the time comes to move home or office. The possessions accumulated over the years, compounded by a growing family or successful business, can leave clients feeling like the task of moving might be a bit out of their league. No need to worry, however, as professional moving services such as Crown Moving of St. George UT can pack up all your belongings for you to take away the stress of doing it all yourself. Our expert packers will not only handle your belongings as if they were our own, they will be safely and securely packed up for transportation so you will not suffer any losses or damages to your prized possessions and family keepsakes. Not to mention, Crown Moving will also handle furniture disassembly for transport.

Prior to working with a moving company, make sure you get a solid estimate and inquire about any additional charges that may apply, such as a long carry fee, flight charge, shuttle service, and elevator fees, etc. These can be hidden costs involved with a move, and it is important that the moving company be transparent and upfront with you about costs from the initial visit. The last thing anyone needs during a home or office move is the additional complications of unexpected charges.

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Once your belongings have been safely transported to your new locale by Crown Moving, the reassembly and unpacking can begin so you can focus on your new space and all the other things you have going on in your life. Feel free to communicate and our staff will work with you so that household or office items are placed where you would like them to be placed. This not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also eases your work load by having things put where you’d like them to be, rather than dealing with an unruly mess of boxes sitting in your living room.

At Crown Moving, the customer always comes first. If you have specialty items, such as pianos, safes, or even motorcycles, we’re here to assist in their safe transport. If your new home, apartment or office has tricky physical characteristics – such as spiral stair cases, tight doorways or corners – we’re here with years of experience under our belts to find creative and safe solutions to logistical moving issues, such as hoisting through windows using a system of pulleys.

Contact us today at 435-272-3786 in St. George UT, 801-386-8388 in Salt Lake City UT or 702-997-8661 in Las Vegas to find out what Crown Moving has to offer during your next home or office relocation!

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