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Aug 11 2014

Ways To Save When Using A Moving Company

Tips And Tricks To Cut The Bill

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When it’s time to move there are some unavoidable costs that can add up pretty quickly. As your trusted moving company in St. George, Utah, we are here to help you cut the costs of your move by giving you some tips to cut your moving bill. Even if you don’t use our moving company we want to help make your move as painless as possible. So here’s what you can do in your next move to avoid costs when using a moving company.

Reduce Your Load

The more items you have that need to be moved, the more expensive your moving bill will be. So before the moving truck shows up, get rid of all those things you’ve been meaning to throw away for years. You can even have a garage sale to make a little extra money to offset your moving costs. Or give it away to charity. Either way, just get the unwanted/unneeded items out of your home!

Move During The Off-Season

Companies will charge more when you are moving during the busy season. If your schedule is flexible, try to move during the off season. Typically the off season is any month other than June, July, and August. And try to move at the beginning of the month instead of the end.

Be Prepared

Make sure that you are completely packed up before the movers show up. If they have to wait around while you pack, or even help you pack up your items, that’s unnecessary charges that could have been avoided if you were prepared. If you need help disassembling furniture, make sure you ask the company if they charge extra to disassemble it for you. If so, figure out how to disassemble it on your own.

Special Packaging

You should be aware of items in your home that might need special packaging like a TV or microwave. Some moving companies will do this packaging for free, but most companies charge you for the service. Call the company and ask if they charge for this service. If they do, take the time to do it yourself and save a few dollars.

We hope these tips make your next move as painless as possible. As always, if you need help from a respectable moving company in St. George, Utah, give us a call!

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