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Jan 14 2016

Top 4 Moving Tips You Should Know!

When you decide to move there are a lot of things that need to be considered. How long will it take, what kind of things you will keep and what will you sell or donate, etc. Here at Crown Moving, we have been doing this for years and we have compiled a list of the top 7 moving tips people should consider before they just jump into packing and moving.


  1. Plan your last shopping trip.

Just think about it, if you are about to move, don’t try and go to Costco for a few last minute things. Everyone knows that it is impossible to leave that place with just a “few things” and moving 4 gallons of milk to your new place is probably not the best idea. Make sure that the last time you head to any grocery story is two weeks before, so you don’t have to throw out any food before you move.


  1. Make sure you label your boxes.

Labeling your boxes could be one of the best things that you do while you are packing. Knowing exactly where each box should be placed in your new home will help you to unpack quicker and without too much headache. Also, be sure to label boxes that are holding glass, dishes, or other fragile materials so that nothing is broken or damaged during the transition between the two homes.


  1. Make sure you account for your pets.

Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, you should take in account your furry friends when moving. Make sure that you have a place for them during the move that will minimize the shock and help them with the adjustment. Because, just like you and your family, there will be an adjustment period they have to go through to get acquainted with their new home.


  1. Change your mailing address

Make sure that you set up a forwarding address with the local US Post office. This will be important so you don’t lose any bills or have any important documents lost in this transition. In addition to setting a forwarding address, make sure you change your address with any companies or associates that will be sending you mail. This will prevent a lot of problems that can occur when you move to a new location.

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