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Jan 25 2016

Top 3 Body Parts Hurt When Moving Yourself

Most people don’t realize, but moving can be a very hazardous occupation. All sorts of things can go wrong if you aren’t careful. That’s why Crown Moving wants to share with you the top three most common injuries we’ve seen when people finally called us to help them out.


  1. Broken Backs

Nobody wants to have to deal with a bad back. So just don’t do it. Put that couch down right now and stop trying to lift it by yourself. Having Crown Moving take care of all your moving needs will save you and your back from an unfortunate trip to the InstaCare. When your wife says, “Let’s just call some movers to do it for us…” then listen to her. She knows what you’re going to do to yourself.



  • Broken Toes

Whether you stub it on the corner of that refrigerator you tried to move on your own, or if you broke it getting your piano into the moving van, it’s not going to heal by just using Ibuprofen. You should have listened to your wife when she was telling you to call the movers. Next time, call us at Crown Moving and we will be there before you know it, and we’ll save you a few broken toes along the way.

  1. Broken Pride

After 40 minutes of you trying to put your back back in place, an hour and a half getting your toe reset, and countless “I told you soes” from your wife, you are now ready to call Crown Moving. It didn’t come without a price though. Your pride is in shambles along with your back and toes. Remember: “Next time I’m just gonna call Crown Moving” and your life will be much easier.


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