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Apr 29 2016

Moving with Kids

Kids need a little help when it comes to moving. Even just a short move down the street can be potentially traumatizing. Here are a few ideas that can make your move with kids a little easier.

Let Crown Moving make your move with kids a little easier

Talk about the move.

As soon as you know and feel ready to tell your children, call a family meeting and let your kids know. Express how you feel about moving and why the family needs to move. Let the kids share their immediate thoughts about moving and what they might be nervous about. This would also be a good time to share experiences from your past moves.

Let them be involved.

This can be the fun part of moving! Give your kids specific areas in the house, probably their room, to go through old toys and pack up their own box of special items. Let them decorate the boxes that will go to their room. Have them help you put together a moving sale for all the old things you don’t want.

Get feedback from your kids on the new house options. If you can take them to the house, go on a short road trip. If not, show them pictures. Let them share what they like and don’t like about each house. Once you’ve decided on a house, show the kids where their rooms will be and let them start making a room plan. Get them excited about new paint colors and where their toys will go.

Help them say goodbye.

Childhood friends are important. Set aside time to either have a goodbye party or visit the most important people. Help your kids get contact information. Make sure they stay in touch after you have moved, whether by phone, internet, or snail mail. Let them say goodbye to the house, as well, by leaving a note for the new owners.

Get excited to say hello.

If you are able to, take a short tourist visit to your new area. If not, spend some time researching what’s available and make sure to visit some of the exciting spots soon after you arrive. Visit the schools with your kids so they aren’t shocked on their first day. Find a local park or restaurant to make your family spot. Point out important landmarks. Let the kids do some research on the new place, too!

Maintain routines as much as possible.

Kids need a schedule. Before, during, and after the move, maintain as much of a normal routine as possible with meals, bedtime, and mornings. Make time for them to keep in touch with friends and to talk with them about the move. These routines will also help you maintain your sanity.

Remember that each child is different. Age, personality, and emotional needs all play a factor in how they deal with moving. Just like the parents, kids need time to adjust at their own pace.

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