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Jul 18 2014

How To Pass Your Cleaning Checks

Avoiding Extra Fees And Penalties

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As a moving company in St. George we have helped people move from apartments, homes, rental homes and more. One thing that we have seen our customers struggle with is passing their cleaning checks to avoid extra fees from their landlords. To help you pass those cleaning checks we have come up with a few tips that will help you on your current or upcoming move.

Nails and Staples

We understand when you’re moving it’s easy to overlook things because you’re in a panic trying to get everything packed and out of the home. This is something that tenants seem to get charged for over and over again because it’s easy to forget. Pull all the nails and other adhesives off the walls. You can use a magic eraser to remove scuffs and blemishes from the walls, ceilings, or doors.

Take Pictures

Right before you leave after everything is cleaned and moved out take a few pictures. Send the photos to your landlord so they know that you took them right when you moved out. This will prevent you from getting charged for damages that you didn’t do to your apartment or home. When you move into your new place taking pictures before moving in is also a good idea for the same reason.

Replace Broken Blinds

The blinds are a common charge that movers get stuck with. If you have broken blinds in your home, get the measurements and change them yourself. Most landlords will charge at least a $20 fee on top of the charge for the blinds themselves. It’s cheaper just to change them out yourself before you leave. Also, don’t forget to dust and wash the blinds that are still in tact. Believe it or not, dirty blinds is one of the first things that a landlord will check and charge you for.

Replace Light Bulbs and Batteries

Remember to replace the lightbulbs in all of the light fixtures in your home. Similar to the blinds, landlords can charge a fee for replacing bulbs that are missing or dead. Also, don’t forget about the fire alarm. Replace the batteries if necessary.

Good luck with your cleaning checks and happy moving in St George Utah!

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