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Oct 09 2015

How to Avoid Moving Scams

It’s not everyday you pack up your house and move it all to another location. Therefore in the past few years many moving companies have taken advantage of the average American’s lack of moving experience to entrap them in a scam costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Some moving scams are different than others, but here at Crown Moving we deliver not only an honest, professional service, but have the testimonials and recommendations to ensure you’ve chosen the right place. Below are a few reasons Crown Moving is as serviceable and reliable as they come.

Track Record
One way to determine if a moving company is a fraud or not is their track record. Having a negative track record is bad, having no track record is suspicious. At Crown Moving we’ve garnered a reputation of customer service, fair pricing, and an overall stress-free process.

Professional image and service
There are a few warning signs to watch for in how the company presents itself. Website problems, unmarked vehicles, non-listed company address, poor phone etiquette, etc. are not only unprofessional, but highly suspicious. Crown Moving takes these steps of professionalism seriously. If you want to ensure your belongings are handled by a trustworthy company be sure they meet these professional standards.

And lastly, you want a moving company with years of experience. Before starting this company, JR Shults had been working hard for a moving company for 10 years. Working in nearly every department JR and his family decided to use all those skills and work experience throughout those years to start Crown Moving. Now as we have grown in size and reputation we have had the privilege of specializing in Utah and Nevada while also servicing many of the 11 western states.

Moving is a big and expensive task, make it less expensive by following these simple steps to ensure you don’t fall victim to a costly moving scam.

Check out this video for more about moving scams;

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