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Feb 25 2016

7 Ways to Help Pets Adapt to Moving

So you’ve decided to move, that’s great! But you’re worried about the stress it might cause on your pets right? Well, don’t worry too much. Here are 9 simple ways to help your pet adapt to new surroundings and enjoy his new home as much as you will.

  1. Be sure to pack their belongings too!

While we get that their belongings can always be replaced for new toys, having the familiar chew toy or the same litter box will help the animals to have a few familiar things to them when they arrive at the new place.

Dog's Love

  1. Let your pets explore their new surroundings

By taking your dog for a walk or allowing your cats to explore new areas, this will help them to familiarize them with their surroundings and adjust to the new scenery. They are just like people and have favorite spots to play and relax, so let them find those spots in their new homes.

  1. Be sure to keep track of them

Just like us, new surroundings can be disorienting. This means it is very important to have gps microchips implanted in your pets so that if they do get lost, they are easier to be returned to you. These can be place in your pets by your local vet before you pack up and leave for good.

  1. Don’t stress yourself out!

We know that packing up everything you own can be a super stressful time, but try and relax while you are doing it, because animals can sense your emotions very well. If you’re stressed out, they will be too.

  1. Keep your routine

If you have a typical time for walks, feeding, and play, keep those routines the same. This will minimize the amount of changes in their lives and will allow them to focus on adapting to new surrounding easier.

  1. Pack them too!

Be sure to make sure they are comfortable and secure during the actual moving trip. Whether it’s in the car going across town, or a 4 hour flight across the country, be sure to try and accommodate to them and make them as comfortable as possible.

Show Your Pets Love!

  1. Spend more time with them.

By being with them more often, it will soften the blow of moving and will help with their coping immensely. Take some special time from your busy schedule to make sure they know that they truly are loved!

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