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Oct 22 2015

Where to Start Packing and When

When you’re planning on moving from your current place, we understand that not everything can be moved at once. If that’s the case, you might want to consider storing your property at a storage

When we get a storage place we really just want to get the task over with. Put all of the boxes, Lionel Ritchie CD’s, and super nintendo sets (which will be worth millions some day) in as quickly as possible. This isn’t always the best idea don’t let haste win the day. Take time and think where things need to go.


How likely am I to need this and when?
Give yourself a realistic time frame of when you are going to want something. The bigger it is the easier it is to find. The smaller it is the harder it is. Put small things in the front bigger things in the back.

What to store?
Things you don’t need. Reminder it is illegal to store children in a storage bin no matter how much you want to. A storage space is to alleviate the lack of space you have elsewhere.

Level of Importance
You have to be honest with yourself. Put all unimportant things in the back. Or better yet if it is something you will probably never use, GET RID OF IT.

How often should I check storage?
With the passing of time things in storage will become less and less important as you realize, “I have lived an entire year without this replica lightsaber from episode V.” Periodically removing things is always a good thing.

Clear it out
Think about it the more you remove things the faster you will be able to no longer need to pay for a storage space.
And for everything you’re bringing to your new home, Crown Moving in St. George and Southern Utah is here to help!

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