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Mar 18 2016

3 Things to Remember When Moving a Piano

Pianos can be one of the most awkward pieces of furniture to move. At Crown Moving, we can help you to move these heavy, bulky instruments to make your life easier. Here are some tips we give you to help you to move a piano without damaging it, your house, or yourself.

Remember to plan out how you are going to move your piano before you begin to move it.

Remember to plan out how you are going to move your piano before you begin to move it.


  1. Prepare the Piano

In order to assure the safety of the piano, great care should be taken when preparing the piano to move. Depending on the size of your piano, you will need extra padding and/or blankets to allow for the proper wrapping of corners and the piano surfaces in general. By doing this, you will be able to prevent any scratches that could damage the piano, but it will also protect the walls and floors of your home safe from being damaged by the piano as well.

  1. Know Your Route

Obviously moving a piano is going to be hard, so make your life easier by planning out your route and measuring to make sure that route works. If your piano is large, it could be hard to get down stairs or through doors. By knowing the route you need to take, it will help you to facilitate the move easier.

Remember to make sure your piano is secured and movable.

Secure Your Piano

  1. Secure the Piano

Pianos are large and heavy so it is important to make sure they are fastened securely to whatever vehicle you are going to use to move it. Using tie downs are the best way to assure that they won’t shift or move during transport and you will be able to drive normally without fear of damaging or ruining your piano.

Honestly, people should call a professional moving company to help them with these large instruments, but if you decide not to use a company like Crown Moving to make this move, use these steps to minimize the risk of damaging your piano or home. If you decide to have someone help you out with this, give us a call and we will be able to safely move your piano to your new home.

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