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Feb 15 2016

Top 4 Things to Consider When Looking at Windows for a New Home

One of the most important things you should look for in a new home is windows. How do they look? How are the views? How much natural light is allowed into the home? Since you have to move, this is something that should be considered in your new home so you can enjoy it even more than your old home you have left behind.


  • From the Outside Looking in

Remember that window allow people to see all that is going on within your new home. So, when you are deciding what you want for windows, try and match it to what you want others to be able to see. If you like your privacy large windows might not be for you, but for someone else the nice natural light might take priority over privacy.

  1. Windows will Affect Utilities

Especially here in the Western United States, having large amount of windows may cause your heating bill in the winter and A/C bill in the summer to increase. There are ways to help reduce this, like getting double pained and insulated windows, but if you like the really open look, then don’t be surprised the first time you open up your gas and electricity bill. Look for homes that have newer windows installed and all of the insulators in place that will help you to decrease that bill.

  1. Widows can help design 

Windows will make or break the overall design of the house on the outside. So when searching for your new home, be sure to take into account what the whole picture looks like. Remember the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.dine with a view

  1. More Windows, More Light

Now, we realize that this can go against what we said in number 2, but it is true. If you have more windows you will have more natural light streaming into your home. This can help you with using electricity on lighting during the day time. So it can really be a double edged sword. Make sure to just do some simple research and number crunching to see what the overall outcome will be on your wallet.

We at Crown Moving hope that this helped you to think about some different things when looking for a new home. Windows are great and will be a huge part of your home, so take the time to make the right choice for you!

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