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May 09 2016

9 Reasons to Not Move Yourself

We humans like to think we can do everything ourselves. But sometimes it pays off to call in a little extra help. Here are 9 reasons why you should call Crown Moving to help instead of trying to pack up your life yourself.

1. Pets

They can end up in bubble wrap or packed in a box on accident. You can keep them out of the way and we can take care of the box.

2. Children

Similar to pets, they get into everything. That box you just packed so carefully with extra paper around your heirloom candlesticks? The paper is on the floor and the candlesticks are now being used as drum sticks. You hang out with your kids and we’ll make sure everything stays packed where it should be packed.

Our St George moving company can help take the stress off your move

3. Husbands

Boys can get distracted. There may be a random sheet of plywood that he wants to take along or he may build a castle out of the still-empty boxes. Or he wants to show off his abilities of lifting the heaviest package even though that just won’t happen with only him around. The distraction can be time consuming and sometimes end in unplanned injury. We can keep your move on schedule.

4. Wives

Women can be emotional. The memories of the hideous hand-me-down lamp, that just needs to be thrown out, come to the surface during packing. Reminiscing can make packing take a lot more time. You can take the time to go through all the memories of all the items in your home while we pack them up quickly and carefully for you.

5. Boxes and tape

You’re going to run out. Then you have to make extra trips to the store and put the aforementioned kids and pets in the car or leave them to rule the house of carefully packed items. We have more than enough boxes and tape for your life.

Our St George moving company can help take the stress off your move

6. Awkward furniture

You just have no idea how to get the grand piano out of your house or how that corner hutch will fit in the truck. Well, lucky for you, we do know how to handle those pieces of furniture so you don’t even have to think about it.

7. Work

We know you have a life outside of moving. The time it takes to pack extends as you’re trying to split your time between work and the enormous task of packing. Let us keep it efficient so you can get the things done that you need to.

8. Cleaning

No one likes cleaning, no one likes moving,  and no one likes doing both. So we take care of one of those pieces for you.

9. Stress

Moving is already a stressful project with finding a new home, selling your current one, changing your address for everything, making sure the kids aren’t too devastated to leave, and keeping your own sanity. All the while you have to keep normal life running as much as possible. We take care of one of the most stressful parts of moving so you can worry about more important things.

There are lots of other benefits for hiring a moving company. Let Crown Moving help make your move a little simpler.

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